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Watching videos on YouTube

Check out the latest video sensations using the YouTube app.
  1. From the Home screen, tap , and then find and tap YouTube.
  2. Browse or search for a video.
  3. When you find the video that you like, tap it.
    Tip: Want to watch the video at a later time instead? Tap next to the video title, and then tap Add to > Watch later. You can access the video again from your account profile's Watch Later list.
  4. While watching a video, you can:
    • Turn HTC One M9‍(‍s‍) sideways to watch the video in full screen.
    • Tap the video screen to pause or to resume playback, or drag the slider to jump to a different part of the video.
    • Scroll down the video information panel to see related videos and comments from other viewers.
    • Browse other videos by minimizing the video screen. Tap or drag the video screen down to minimize. To close the video thumbnail, swipe it left or right.
Minimize the video screen, and then tap to open the slideout menu. You can view your account profile and manage your subscriptions and video lists.
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