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About HTC Sync Manager

HTC Sync Manager supports a computer running a Windows® or Mac OS operating system.

Here's what you can do with HTC Sync Manager.

View and manage media on your computer and phone

  • Browse and manage music, photos, and videos that are on your computer and your phone.
  • Import iTunes and Windows Media® Player playlists from your computer to HTC Sync Manager.
  • Play music, videos, and playlists using the built-in player.

Transfer content

  • Transfer iPhone photos, text messages, contacts, and more to your HTC phone. You can also find and install the same apps that you were using on your iPhone.
  • Import all music, photos, and videos from your HTC phone to your computer.
  • Copy selected music, photos, or videos from your computer to your phone.
  • Import documents from your computer to your phone.

Back up and restore

Back up your HTC phone to your computer so you can easily restore your backup to the same phone or to another HTC phone.

Sync playlists and data

Sync music playlists and data such as contacts and calendar between your phone and your computer.

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