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Taking a photo

  1. On the Home screen, tap the camera icon to open the Camera app.
  2. Switch to Photo mode, if you're not in this mode. See Choosing a capture mode for details.
  3. Point the camera at what you want to capture. The camera adjusts the focus automatically as you move it. You can also tap the screen to change the focus to a different subject.
  4. To manually adjust the exposure, tap the screen, and then drag your finger up and down.
    Camera viewfinder screen showing the Touch autoexposure bar and the slide up and down gesture to manually set the exposure.

    Or turn on Touch autoexposure so you can instantly brighten or darken a subject with a single tap. See Quickly adjusting the exposure of your photos.

  5. When you're ready to take the photo, tap Camera shutter button.
Tip: In Photo mode's settings, tap Camera options, and then turn on Auto smile capture to set the camera to take a photo automatically when your subject smiles.
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