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Deleting messages and conversations

Open the Messages app and do any of the following:
To delete a Do these steps

Open the conversation thread with a contact, tap the message, and then tap Delete message.

To delete multiple messages within a conversation, tap Menu icon > Delete messages > Delete by selection, and then select the messages to delete.


Press and hold a contact (or phone number), and then tap Delete.

To delete multiple conversations, tap Menu icon > Delete threads, and then select the conversations to delete.

Note: In the Messages settings, tap General > Delete old messages to auto delete old messages.

Preventing a message from being deleted

You can lock a message to prevent it from being deleted even if you delete the other messages in the conversation.

  1. Open the Messages app.
  2. Tap a contact (or phone number) to display the exchange of messages with that contact.
  3. Tap the message that you want to lock.
  4. Tap Lock message on the options menu. You'll then see a lock icon for locked messages.
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