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Convenient, single-handed operation

It's easy to operate HTC U11 EYEs with one hand.

Swipe for apps and notifications

Anywhere on the Home screen, just swipe up to access all your apps and swipe down to view your notifications.

Swipe for more navigation buttons

Screen showing the Navigation bar settings

You're not just limited to the three conventional Back, Home, and Recent apps buttons. At the bottom of your phone, swipe left on the Navigation Bar to see more options. You just need to tap a button to capture screenshots, access the Quick Settings, and more. You can even customize the Navigation Bar.

For details, see Navigation Bar.

Use any app with a squeeze

Edge Sense enables you to gently squeeze the sides of your phone to access any app, take photos or video, launch a voice assistant, and much more with one intuitive gesture, even in the rain.

Illustration showing the area where you would squeeze the phone to launch Edge Sense.

To find out more, see Edge Sense.

Wake up your phone by just lifting or tapping it

To wake up your phone from sleep mode, you can do any of the following:

  • While the screen is off, lift up your phone to see the Smart display which gives you a quick glimpse of the date and time, battery status, and notification icons. See Smart display.
  • Tap on the fingerprint scanner to wake up the screen. If you've added your fingerprint, tapping the fingerprint scanner unlocks your phone, bypassing the security screen. See Fingerprint scanner.
  • Use Motion Launch™ to wake up the screen by double-tapping or swiping. See Motion Launch.

Unlock your phone with your face

Quickly unlock your phone using Face Unlock. See Setting up Face Unlock.

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