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The HTC Eye Experience

With the new HTC Eye Experience, enjoy features beyond conventional camera shooting. Here are some of these features:

Both sides of the story

Use Split Capture mode to record the action in front of you first and then record yourself giving a commentary. See Using Split Capture mode.

Blend faces with anyone

Face Fusion uses two photos such as your selfie and a photo of your favorite celebrity to merge your looks together. See Using Face Fusion.

Look good in an instant

Before taking your selfie, use Live Makeup to smoothen your skin. See Applying skin touch-ups with Live Makeup.

Taking selfies just got a whole lot easier

Flash a smile, and the camera instantly captures your smiling face. See Using Auto Selfie.

Your mobile photo booth

Take 4 selfies and the camera automatically merges them into a single picture. See Taking selfies with Photo Booth.

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