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How can I back up to my Google Account?

There are many ways to back up your personal content on your phone to your Google Account. For example, to back up your photos and videos, you need to turn on the backup feature in Google Photos. If you want to back up files and documents, you can turn on the Auto Backup feature in Google Drive.

You can also turn on the Android Backup Service in Settings when you want to back up most of your settings and app data.
Go to Settings, and then tap Backup & reset. Turn on Back up my data.

Here are some of the items that the Android Backup Service can back up to your Google Account:

Item Example
  • Wi‍-Fi networks & passwords
  • System settings, such as date, time, language, input settings, and display settings
App data
  • Contact list, call history, and text messages
  • List of cities in the HTC Weather app
  • Email account credentials except for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account
  • Settings in Google apps like Gmail and Play Store.
Not all third-party apps may support backing up of their app data through Android Backup Service.
Personalization settings
  • Home screen wallpaper

    When you restore content from another HTC phone, the home wallpaper may not be restored if your other phone has a different screen resolution than HTC phone.

  • Widgets and app icons on the Home screen - depending on widget compatibility
  • Alarms and ringtones
  • Grid size and sort order on the Apps screen
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