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Taking camera shots using Edge Sense

Instantly launch the camera and begin taking shots with a squeeze of your phone.
Important: Check and make sure to download the latest HTC Edge Sense and Camera app versions from Google Play Store.
Squeeze the lower sides of your HTC phone to open the Camera app, and then squeeze again to take a photo.
Illustration showing the area where you would squeeze the phone to launch Edge Sense.

Squeezing your phone will open the Camera app in the last capture mode you were using. When you squeeze again, the camera takes a photo, video, or selfie, depending on the capture mode.

If you turn on Set squeeze & hold action in the Edge Sense settings, you can squeeze and hold the lower sides of your phone to switch between the main and front cameras while you're in the Camera app. For details, see Enabling the squeeze and hold gesture.
Note: The default in-app actions in the Camera app are short squeeze for taking shots and squeeze and hold for switching between the front and main cameras. You can change the squeeze gestures to perform other actions in an app. To find out how, see Changing in-app actions.
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