A woman wearing VIVE XR Elite working in MR

What is VR Passthrough? Mixed Reality's Secret Sauce

Passthrough allows you to “see through” your VR headset and get a view of your surroundings. Learn why it’s quickly becoming a must-have feature.

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5 Rarely Mentioned but Well-Thought-Out Features of VIVE XR Elite, Best Standalone MR Headset

Let’s look at 5 rarely mentioned but well-thought-out features of VIVE XR Elite and how they enhance the VR and MR experience.

VR 101 Part I – Immersion in Virtual Reality

Immersion in Virtual Reality: What is It? - VR 101: Part I

What is virtual reality? What does it mean to experience immersion in VR? Let HTC VIVE show you what immersive technology is all about in this introduction.

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What is virtual reality? VR vs. AR, MR, and XR, explained.

VR, AR, MR, XR...confused? Here's a simple guide to the frequently mentioned technologies – what they are, their differences, and how they apply to your daily life.


All-in-One VR: What You Need to Know About Standalone Headsets

New to virtual reality? This quick guide to standalone VR headsets will explain what makes them so convenient and how they differ from PC VR devices.


How to Access the Metaverse: Your Questions Answered

How do you get into the metaverse? HTC VIVE explains step by step what you need to do to join. Learn how to enter the metaverse and start exploring today!