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Have fun editing your Crop-Me-In photos.
  1. From Photo Editor, choose the photo you want to edit.

    See Choosing a photo to edit to find out how.

  2. Tap to open the slideout menu.
  3. In the slideout menu that opens, tap Flair > .
  4. Edit your image or add a sticker to your photo.
    • To position your image, drag it to any area of the photo.
    • To resize or rotate your image, press and hold a corner of the image and then drag it.
    • To add a sticker, tap , select a sticker, and then resize and rotate it as desired.
  5. Tap to hide the onscreen controls and preview the result in full screen.
  6. Tap to save changes.

The edited photo is saved as a new photo. The original photo remains unedited.

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