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Creating your photo gift

After you've selected the type of photo gift that you want, you can start customizing it with photos, text, and more.
Important: Use high resolution photos for the best results. Images that have a resolution that's too low for a good output—less than 200 dpi—will be marked by an icon .
  1. To replace a photo on the photo gift, tap it, and then tap to expand the window at the bottom where you can choose from the group of preselected photos.

    If what you want is not in the group of photos, scroll to the bottom and then tap to select a photo from Gallery.

  2. Tap a photo on the photo gift to select it, and then tap it again to edit it. You can crop it, apply filters, and more.
  3. If you see a Message box on the photo gift, tap it, and then enter your text.
  4. If your photo gift has an inside or back section, tap to edit it.
  5. After you've finished creating your photo gift, tap .
  6. On the Review screen, make sure that your photo gift looks the way you want it.

    If prompted, choose the color you want.

  7. Tap to proceed with your order. See Placing your order.
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