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What can I do during a call

When a call is in progress, use the buttons onscreen to mute or unmute the microphone or to turn the speakerphone on or off.

Putting a call on hold

To put the call on hold, tap > Flash.
To resume the call, tap > Flash.

Turning the speakerphone on or off during a call

Warning: To decrease potential damage to your hearing, do not hold HTC Desire 626s to your ear when the speakerphone is on.
  • On the call screen, tap . The speakerphone icon appears in the status bar.
  • To turn the speakerphone off, tap .

Muting the microphone during a call

On the call screen, tap to toggle between turning the microphone on or off. When the microphone is turned off, the mute icon appears in the status bar.

Ending a call

Do one of the following to end the call:
  • On the call screen, tap End Call.
  • Slide the Notifications panel open, then tap End Call.
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