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Getting started with the Camera app

Take great photos and videos with HTC U24 pro.
For your convenience, there's more than one way to launch the Camera app.
  • On the Home screen, tap the camera icon to open the Camera app.
  • Press the Power button twice.
    Tip: Make sure Quickly open camera is turned on in Settings > System > Gestures.
By default, Photo mode is selected the first time you use the Camera app. The following controls are available in Photo mode:
Camera viewfinder screen showing the various onscreen controls.
Control Description
Switch camera button Switch between the front and rear cameras.
Camera shutter button Take a photo.
Thumbnail of last photo or video taken View the last photo or video taken.
/ / Choose a zoom ratio for capturing regular shots or ultra-wide photos. See Focusing and zooming and Taking an ultra-wide photo.
Apply facial touch-ups and filters when taking photos.
Turn the flash on or off.
Set High Dynamic Range (HDR) to on or off.
Turn scene detection on or off. See Scene detection.
Access Google Lens.
Turn Top Picks mode on or off. See Capturing best moments with Top Picks mode.
Access camera settings.
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