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Drawing on a photo

Scribble on your photos for fun or to highlight an interesting part.

  1. From Photo Editor, choose the photo you want to edit.

    See Choosing a photo to edit to find out how.

  2. In the slideout menu that opens, tap Flair > .
  3. Drag the stroke slider to adjust the stroke thickness.
  4. Tap to open the toolbar, choose a pen type, and then tap to hide the toolbar.
  5. Choose a pen color from the color bar.
  6. Draw on the photo.

    You can tap to switch to full screen view.

  7. To undo or redo an action, open the toolbar, and then tap or .

    Or, you can use the eraser from the toolbar to remove specific parts of your drawing.

  8. Tap when done.
  9. Tap , and then tap to toggle between the before and after photos.
  10. Tap to save changes.

    The edited photo is saved as a new photo. The original photo remains unedited.

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