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Using Game assistant

Here are the things you can do with Game assistant:
  1. Access Game assistant settings.
  2. Set how you want notifications to appear so you can enjoy your games and apps without distractions. See Managing notifications when you're in a game or app.
  3. Dim and lock the screen when you need to take a break from your game or app.

    When you're ready to resume, swipe up to unlock the screen.

  4. Temporarily lock the Navigation Bar to avoid accidentally pressing its buttons while in a game or app. See Locking or unlocking the Navigation Bar.
  5. Get instant performance boost for your current app by freeing up memory used by the app.
  6. Capture a screenshot of your current screen.
    Note: The Game assistant panel will not be captured with the screenshot.
  7. Do a screen recording in your game or app. See Recording your screen actions.
  8. Select or clear the Auto option to turn auto brightness on or off. Drag the slider to manually adjust the brightness.
    Tip: This also changes the brightness setting in Display & gestures.
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