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Recording your screen actions

Share your gameplay to show a friend how to level up, or capture a walk-through to explain an app feature.
  1. In the game or app, tap on the Navigation Bar to open the Game assistant panel.
  2. Navigate to the screen where you want to start recording. Then tap Record screen button on the Game assistant panel.
    Note: If this is your first time to do a screen recording, you may need to tap Start Now to start recording.
  3. Perform the steps that you want to record on the phone. While recording, you can:
    • Tap Pause playback button to pause recording. Tap Play button to resume recording.
    • Tap Screen recorder timer to show the screen recording controls.
    • Drag Screen recorder timer to reposition it on the screen.
    Note: The screen recording controls and Screen recorder timer will be captured as well so move them to an area on the screen where they won't be a distraction.
  4. When finished, tap Pause playback button.
  5. Open the Notifications panel, and then slide two fingers apart on the Screen recorded notification.
  6. Tap Share.
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