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Managing notifications when you're in a game or app

With Game assistant, choose how to handle notifications when you're in a game or app.
  1. In the game or app, tap on the Navigation Bar to open the Game assistant panel.
  2. Tap to cycle through the options and choose one.
    Option Description
    Minimal disturbance Reduce the visual notification size.
    No disturbance Block all notifications and direct incoming calls to voicemail. This means there will be no visual, sound, and vibration when you have notifications.
    General Show or hide notifications based on your system's notification settings.
    • The No disturbance option may not be supported by some third-party apps such as instant messaging apps. Go to the app's settings to turn off or customize its notifications.
    • If you chose Minimal disturbance or No disturbance, it will have higher priority over your system's Do not disturb mode settings.
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