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Creating an unlock pattern for some apps

Add a security pattern to some installed apps that you treat as private. Lock these apps to require an unlock pattern whenever the app is opened, avoiding others to access it without your permission.
  1. From the Home screen, tap , and then find and tap Boost+.
  2. Tap Lock apps.
  3. Draw your desired unlock pattern.
  4. You can sign in to your Google Account or answer a security question. This will only serve as your authentication method to reset the unlock pattern.
  5. Tap the On/Off switch next to an app to require an unlock pattern to open it.
  6. Press .
  • To change the app unlock pattern, tap Lock apps, and then draw your unlock pattern. Tap More options button > Change pattern.
  • To use your fingerprint to unlock apps, tap Lock apps. When you're prompted to draw the unlock pattern, tap More options button, and then select the Use fingerprint to unlock option.
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