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About HTC Mini‍+

Want to multitask and take calls, read text messages, and more while browsing the Web or watching videos? Buy the HTC Mini‍+ and use it with HTC Desire 626.

Here are some of the things you can do right on HTC Mini‍+:

  • See instant notifications of text messages, calendar events, and email messages.
  • Make and receive phone calls.
  • View new text messages. Choose a preset response to send a quick reply, or call the sender.
  • View ongoing and upcoming calendar events.
  • Dismiss or snooze the alarm.
  • Use as a laser pointer.
  • Use as a remote control for HTC Desire 626. Remotely play music, control the shutter to take photos, or control a PowerPoint® presentation.

For complete details on how to use HTC Mini‍+, see its user guide.

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