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Using Scribble

Want to make a page for your digital scrapbook? Use the Scribble app to get artistic and combine photos, text, and illustrations in a note.

With several templates to choose from, you can even create lists or track your budget. Have a greeting card ready and link it to your friend's birthday in Calendar to send in a few taps.

Composing a note

  1. Open the Scribble app.
  2. Choose a template when you're prompted. Or, tap .
  3. In the box that says Title text here, type in your note title.
  4. Use the editing tools to enter text, draw figures, record audio, and more.
  5. Insert images such as photos and illustrations. To find out how, see Inserting images and illustrations in a note.
  6. Press and hold an image to move, resize, or delete it. You can also use two fingers to rotate an image.
  7. Tap for other options, such as changing the template, linking the note to an event, and more.
  8. Press to save the note.

Inserting images and illustrations in a note

While composing a note, you can:
  • Tap to take a photo, or tap > Insert picture to select an image from Gallery.
  • Tap to draw, or tap to write text. You can change the pen characteristics.
  • Tap to insert a sticker.
  • To insert a web page thumbnail, tap > Web content. On the Internet app, go to the web page, and then tap > Share > Scribble.

Creating a photo blog note

Think photos can best convey your story? Group photos into a note, and make it more entertaining by including photo collages, stickers, and more.
Important: If inserting a collage, first group the photos in the same event or album in Gallery.
  1. Open the Scribble app.
  2. Tap and choose the photo blog template.
  3. Tap to take a photo or select photos in Gallery to group them in a collage.
  4. When inserting a collage, press and hold it, and then select a layout. You can also:
    • Press and hold, and then drag around a photo within the frame to put the subject in the center of the frame.
    • Press and hold, and then drag a photo over another to re-arrange them.
    • Slide two fingers apart to zoom in on a photo, or slide two fingers together to zoom out.
    • Tap another layout to change the current layout.
  5. Tap the area above the date, and then use the editing tools to insert text and illustrations.
  6. To add another page, tap . You'll see an onscreen message if you reached the maximum number of pages.
  7. Press to save the note.

Grouping notes into a notebook

  • To group notes into a new notebook, tap > Group.
  • To group notes into an existing notebook, tap > Move to.
  • To create a new notebook, swipe to the Notebooks tab, and then tap .

Publishing and sharing a note

Upload and share your creative work on the Web and get your own Scribble home page.
  1. With a note opened, tap .
  2. Tap Share article.
  3. Type a description or tag your note.
  4. Make sure that Share your post is selected.
  5. Under Share to, tap where you also want to share the link that will be created. You'll be prompted to complete the action in the apps you selected.
  6. Tap Done.
To view notes you've shared, swipe to the Share tab on the Scribble main screen.
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