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Tuning your HTC USonic earphones

Experience music tuned to your ears when you use your HTC USonic earphones with HTC U Ultra. The earphones will scan your ears to determine the output level that best suits you.
Important: The HTC USonic earphones can only be used with HTC U Ultra and other compatible HTC phones supporting HTC USonic.
  1. Plug your HTC USonic earphones into the phone, and then put the ear buds into your ears.
  2. If this is your first time to plug in the earphones and you're prompted to set up a personal audio profile, tap Start.

    Or go to Settings and then tap HTC USonic.

  3. Tap Start scanning now and follow the instructions on the screen to set up your audio profile.
To turn your personal audio profile that's tuned for your earphones on or off, just tap the HTC USonic On/Off switch in Settings.
  • You can add another profile for the same or another set of the HTC USonic earphones. Just tap HTC USonic > .
  • HTC USonic is not available over HDMI, Bluetooth, Miracast, or USB audio out.

Balancing ambient sound with the earphones

Whether you're in a loud or noisy environment, or when you've moved to a quieter environment, your HTC USonic earphones will be able to adapt to sound levels around you based on your personal audio profile.
For your earphones to detect and balance ambient sound while you're listening to music or watching a video, slide the Notification panel open, and then tap the HTC USonic notification.
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