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Unlocking the screen

  • Press and hold the fingerprint sensor.
  • Swipe up to unlock the screen.
If you've set up a screen lock, you'll be asked to provide your credentials before HTC U Play unlocks.
Tip: If you've set an event reminder or an alarm, you can snooze or dismiss the event or alarm right from the lock screen. Just drag or up.

Turning lock screen notifications on or off

You can choose to turn lock screen notifications on or off.
  1. From the Home screen, tap > Settings > Sound & notification.
  2. Tap When device is locked > Don't show notifications at all.
    Note: If you change your mind later, you can tap Show all notification content to turn lock screen notifications on.

Interacting with lock screen notifications

Besides seeing notifications on the lock screen, you can also interact with them.
  • Tap twice on a notification to go directly to the related app.
  • Swipe left or right on the notification to remove it.
  • Press and hold a notification to see more related information.
  • Tap to prioritize notifications from the related app.
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