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Viewing, editing, and saving a Zoe highlight

When you view a group of photos and videos such as in an album, Gallery automatically composes a Zoe™ highlight. A Zoe™ highlight is a collection of clips—which can be photos, videos, or both—that Gallery has preselected, with added background music and special effects. You can edit the Zoe highlight, and then save it as a video.
  1. From the Home screen, tap , and then find and tap Gallery.
  2. Tap , and then choose how you want to view your photos and videos.

    If you are in Timeline view, you need to go to the Events or Year tab.

  3. Tap a tile to open a group of photos and videos. You'll then see a preview of the Zoe highlight play automatically.
  4. Tap to edit the Zoe highlight.

    You can add, change, or rearrange the clips, choose a theme, or change the background music.

  5. When you're done editing the Zoe highlight, tap Save to save it as a video.
You'll find the saved video in the Zoe Highlights album.
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