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Backing up data, media, and apps to your storage card

Back up data such as contacts, messages, calendar events, and bookmarks as well as photos and music to your storage card. You can also back up third-party apps that you installed if you want to easily reinstall them from your storage card next time.
  1. Open the Backup and Restore app.
  2. In the Backup tab, tap Personal data.
  3. Choose the types of data and media that you want.
    • Tap next to the Contact option. Clear the check boxes next to the mobile operator name if you don't want to include SIM contacts in the backup.
    • If you have existing text and multimedia messages on your phone, tap next to the Message option, and then choose whether to back up both types of messages.
  4. Tap Backup to SD card.
  5. When you're prompted for a folder name, use the default name to base it on the date and time of backup, or enter a name that you want. Each data and media type will be stored in separate subfolders under the created folder on your storage card.
  6. After backup has finished, tap OK.
  7. Tap Application, choose the apps that you want, and then tap Backup to SD card.
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