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Pinning the current screen

For added security when showing your phone to someone else, use the screen pinning option to lock the display on the current app.

You can set a screen lock to prevent others from unpinning the screen.

  1. From the Home screen, tap > Settings > Security.
  2. Under Advanced, tap Screen pinning, and then tap the On/Off switch to turn it on.

    If you've set a screen lock, choose whether you want to be prompted to unlock the screen with your PIN, password, or pattern before unpinning.

  3. To require a screen lock for unpinning, do one of the following:
    • If you haven't set a screen lock yet, tap Lock device when unpinning to set your screen lock.
    • Tap Ask for unlock pattern before unpinning if its On/Off switch is not turned on.
  4. Open the app that you want.
  5. Press , and then tap on the app thumbnail.

    If you're using the card view, press and hold the thumbnail of the latest app you opened, and then drag it up a little bit to see the icon.

  6. To unpin the screen, press and hold and at the same.
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