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Types of storage

Want to know what types of storage you can use for your apps, data, and files?

HTC Desire 626 dual sim has these storage types:

Phone storage

This storage combines both the internal storage, where apps, email, data, and text messages are stored, and the file storage, where photos, videos, and music files are kept.

If you are running out of phone storage, see Making more storage space for some tips on how to free up space.

Storage card

Use a storage card for storing more files. You can also set some apps to store data or files directly to the card.

  • Moving apps to the storage card doesn't back up the apps. If you do a factory reset, your phone loses the apps. You'll need to reinstall them.
  • When you remove the storage card and insert it in another phone, the apps on the storage card won't be installed automatically to the other phone. You'll need to reinstall them.
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