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Why does my battery drain so quickly?

Understanding the phone's power usage is important to understand what is causing the power to drain.
  • Check the battery usage informationto to see which apps and system services are using battery. This information shows the estimated percentage of the battery power the app or service has used.
  • Updating apps and system software can help improve battery life by making sure the latest improvements to performance are installed. Update all installed apps in Google Play Store and check for the latest updates on your phone.
  • If the issue started recently, uninstalling apps that have been installed since shortly before the start of the issue may help. Some apps are not optimized for battery use as well as others, and may affect the battery life.

    Depending on your phone model, go to Settings, and then tap Apps & notifications > App info or tap Apps. Select an app that was installed shortly before the battery drain issues began. Tap Uninstall.

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