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Streaming music to speakers powered by the Qualcomm AllPlay smart media platform

Before you start, make sure your speakers are connected to your Wi‍-Fi network. Refer to the documentation that comes with your speakers to set up and connect them to your Wi‍-Fi network.
  1. After connecting your speakers to your Wi‍-Fi network, open a music app on HTC Desire 650.
  2. Swipe up with three fingers on the screen.

    HTC Desire 650 then turns Wi‍-Fi on automatically and scans for media devices on your Wi‍-Fi network. You'll then see the available speakers listed.

  3. Tap the speaker you want to connect to.
  4. In the music app that you're using, start playing music. You'll then hear the music play from the speaker you've selected.
  5. To switch between speakers or to group them, swipe up the screen again with three fingers.
    • Just tap another speaker to stream music to it.
    • To group speakers so that music plays through them at the same time, tap the Group button next to a speaker name, select the other speakers you want to group it with, and then tap OK.
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