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Viewing Duo Effects on the Web

Whether your friends are on their computer or phone, they just need to click the link that you shared to view your photo that has UFocus, Foregrounder, or Dimension Plus applied. They can even interact with your photo to experience how an effect works.
  1. Follow the onscreen instruction to play with the effect on the photo.
  2. After applying UFocus or Foregrounder, the resulting photo can be saved to the computer or phone.
    • On a computer web browser, right-click the photo, and then choose to save the image.
    • On the phone web browser, press and hold the photo, and then choose to save the image.
  • The UFocus and Foregrounder effects can be viewed in most popular web browsers, including Safari on iPhone and iPad. To view Dimension Plus, the computer or phone's web browser and graphics processor must support WebGL and needs to have WebGL enabled.
  • On a Windows computer, Dimension Plus can be viewed in web browsers such as Internet Explorer 11 or later version and Google Chrome.
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