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Why can't I apply any Duo Effects to photos taken with my phone?

There are a number of reasons why Duo Effects may not work with your photo:
  • One or both lens were blocked when you took the photo.
  • You didn't use the Camera capture mode. You can't use Duo Effects on photos taken in other capture modes.
  • If you didn't tap Switch to Duo before taking the shot, then the photo wasn't captured using both rear camera lenses. The photo doesn't have depth information and can't be applied with Duo Effects.
  • The photo you're trying to apply the effects to was taken using the front camera.
  • There was not enough ambient light when the photo was taken.
  • The camera was too close to the subject when the photo was taken. Ideally, the distance between the camera and the subject should be 30 cm or 1 ft.
  • Duo Effects can't be applied to cropped or edited photos.
  • Duo Effects can't be applied to the same photo more than once.

For complete details, see the topic on things to remember when using the Duo Camera in the user guide or how-tos.

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