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Using HTC Desire 22 pro with VIVE Flow

HTC Desire 22 pro is a good companion phone for the VIVE Flow VR glasses (sold separately).

Here are the things you can do when you use VIVE Flow with HTC Desire 22 pro:

  • Use the phone as a power source.

    In times when you don't have a power bank or power adapter available, you can connect HTC Desire 22 pro to VIVE Flow and use the phone as a power source.

    Use the USB-C to USB-C cable that came with VIVE Flow. Connect one end of the USB cable to the receptacle cable on VIVE Flow and the other end to the phone's USB Type-C port.

  • Use the phone as a controller.

    Pair HTC Desire 22 pro with VIVE Flow and use it as your controller.

    Open the VIVE™ app on your phone and use it to pair the phone with VIVE Flow.

  • Cast the phone screen to VIVE Flow.

    HTC Desire 22 pro allows you to cast what you see on the phone to VIVE Flow. You can access mobile apps from your phone and use them on VIVE Flow.

    HTC Desire 22 pro also supports High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) 2.3, which allows you to play copy protected videos from streaming services. You can cast streaming videos to VIVE Flow and enjoy an immersive cinema experience.

To learn more about using VIVE Flow, see VIVE Flow Support.

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