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Focusing and zooming

Before taking a photo or video, adjust the focus, exposure, and zoom.
Note: Some capture modes don't support these settings.
  • Focus and exposure

    In capture modes such as Photo and Video modes, the camera automatically focuses when you point the camera at your subject.

    You can also do the following:
    • Auto focus on another subject. Just tap the subject.
    • Auto adjust exposure. Tap a dark area to brighten it, or tap an overexposed area to darken it.
    • Manually adjust exposure. Tap the screen, and then drag your finger up or down to increase or decrease exposure.
    Camera viewfinder screen showing the Touch autoexposure bar and the slide up and down gesture to manually set the exposure.
  • Zoom

    In capture modes that allow zooming, do any of the following:

    • On the Viewfinder screen, slide two fingers apart to zoom in or together to zoom out. You can also freely zoom in or out while recording video.
    • Tap the zoom ratio button to switch between 1x and 2x zoom.
    • Press and hold the zoom ratio button. When the zoom slider appears, drag the round button up or down the slider to gradually increase or decrease the zoom level.
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