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Beauty mode

Use Beauty mode to apply real-time touch-ups such as skin smoothening, face slimming, and eye enhancements when taking photos.
  1. Switch to Photo mode, if you're not in this mode. See Choosing a capture mode for details.
  2. Tap Switch camera button to switch between the front and main cameras.
  3. Tap Beauty Mode toggle icon, and then tap to display the Beauty Mode options.
  4. Tap each option, and then drag the corresponding slider to make your adjustments.
    Screen showing Beauty Mode options.
    1. Skin tone adjustment
    2. Skin smoothing
    3. Face slimming
    4. Eye size adjustment
    5. Nose straightening
    6. Eye brightening
  5. When ready, tap Camera shutter button.
Tip: Switch to Beauty Video mode to record videos with real-time touch-ups.
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