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Ways to unlock HTC Desire 21 pro 5G

It is important to set HTC Desire 21 pro 5G to lock itself to prevent others from accessing your data in case it gets lost or stolen. There are several ways you can unlock HTC Desire 21 pro 5G.
  • Screen lock: Set HTC Desire 21 pro 5G to unlock using a secure PIN, password, or pattern. See Setting a screen lock.
  • Fingerprint: Wake up and unlock HTC Desire 21 pro 5G with a touch by adding fingerprints. See Fingerprint sensor.
  • Face Unlock: While the screen is on, unlock your phone with your registered facel. See About Face Unlock.
  • Smart Lock: Set HTC Desire 21 pro 5G to automatically unlock when it's safe with you, such as when your phone is in your pocket or you're at home. See Setting up Smart Lock.
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