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Entering text

Note: The help content here is based on the following Gboard app version: 10.0.x.
The keyboard becomes available when you tap a text field in an app.

Here are some tips on using Gboard:

Note: The keyboard layout may slightly differ depending on the text field currently active.
  • Tap the keys on the onscreen keyboard to enter letters and numbers, as well as punctuation marks and symbols.
  • Some keys have multiple characters or accents associated with them. Press and hold a key to enter numbers, symbols, or accented letters.
  • Tap to switch to the number and symbol keyboard.
  • Swipe left or right on the space bar to move the cursor.
  • Tap , and then tap the icons along the bottom to choose from a wide selection of emojis, stickers, and more.
  • Tap to use more Gboard features. You can search the web, translate text, switch to one-handed typing mode, apply a theme, and more.
  • Press to close the onscreen keyboard.
Tip: To learn more about Gboard, visit

Entering text by speaking

Note: Voice-to-Text feature may not be available in some languages.
  1. Tap an area where you want to enter text.
  2. On the keyboard, tap .
  3. Say the words you want to enter.
    Tip: When entering English text, you can insert punctuation marks by saying their name. For example, say "‍Bring water comma towels comma and goggles period"‍. The text will appear as "‍Bring water, towels, and goggles."‍
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