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What is Edge Sense?

  • The help content here is based on the following Edge Sense version: 2.00.1x.
  • Before using Edge Sense, see Do's and don'ts with Edge Sense for some important reminders.
  • When available, download the latest version of HTC Edge Sense from Google Play Store to enjoy add-on features.
With Edge Sense, you can launch apps and perform other actions by doing special gestures on your phone such as squeezing.

Apply the gestures on the Edge Sense area which is along the lower sides of your phone, just below the card slot and buttons. These are the gestures you can do with Edge Sense:

Squeeze gestures

Illustration showing the area where you would squeeze the phone to launch Edge Sense.

By default, you can:

You can change the squeeze gestures to launch your favorite apps, or assign them to do actions such as:

  • Use Edge Launcher. See Opening Edge Launcher.
  • Launch HTC Alexa. This app is currently available on phones sold in the U.S., U.K., and Germany only.
  • Capture screenshots.
  • Start or stop voice recording with the HTC Voice Recorder app.
  • Launch the default music app. Play or pause with a short squeeze when music is playing in the background.
  • Use Face Unlock. See Squeezing to unlock your phone with Face Unlock .

In addition to the above, you can customize squeeze gestures to perform certain actions in an app. See Assigning in-app actions to squeeze gestures.

Double-tap gesture

Double-tap either the lower-left or lower-right side using your thumb, depending on which hand you usually use to hold your phone. Try touching the area with more surface of your thumb to more easily trigger the double-tap feature. You can also adjust the double-tap sensitivity level .

For details, see Edge Sense double-tap gesture.

Holding gesture

Edge Sense allows your screen to remain on and keep its orientation while you're holding the phone. For details, see Edge Sense holding gesture.

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