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Opening Edge Launcher

For single-handed operation of your phone, use Edge Launcher to quickly launch apps, call or send messages to your contacts, and turn certain quick settings on or off.
Important: Edge Launcher can only be opened through Edge Sense. Assign it first to the short squeeze, squeeze and hold, or double-tap gesture. See Enabling the squeeze and hold gesture and Edge Sense double-tap gesture.
  1. To open Edge Launcher, squeeze the lower sides of your phone, or double-tap with your thumb.
    Screen showing the Edge launcher.
  2. You can do the following:
    • Tap a date to open the default calendar app so you can view or create events.
    • Tap an app to open it, or tap a quick setting to turn it on or off. If you've added a contact, tap it to call or send a message. See Adding apps, quick settings, and contacts.
    • Swipe or flick through the dial to scroll and see more icons.
    • Tap Edge launcher settings icon to customize Edge Launcher.
    • Adjust the position of Edge Launcher on the screen. See Adjusting the Edge Launcher position.
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