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Copying or moving files between the built-in storage and storage card

If you're using your storage card as removable storage, you can copy or move your files between the built-in storage and storage card. You can also copy or move files to or from an external USB storage device when you have it connected to HTC U12+‍.
  1. From the Home screen, swipe up and then tap Settings > Storage.
  2. Tap Internal shared storage then tap Files, or tap the storage card name.

    Or tap the external USB storage device if you have one connected.

  3. Open the folder that contains the files you want to copy or move.
  4. To select or deselect files:
    • Press and hold a file to select it. To select more files, tap each file.
    • Tap a file to deselect it.
    • To select all files, tap Menu button > Select all.
  5. Tap Menu button, and then tap Copy to or Move to.
  6. Tap Drawer icon to open the slideout menu, and then choose where you'd like to copy or move your files.
  7. Tap Copy or Move.
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