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Ways to capture screenshots

Want to show off your high game score? It's easy to take a picture of the screen to share.
Here are different ways to capture screenshots.
  • POWER button and onscreen HOME button

    Press and hold the POWER button until your phone vibrates, and then tap on the Navigation Bar while still pressing the POWER button.

  • Screenshot button

    Swipe to the second panel of the Navigation Bar, and then tap .

  • Edge Sense

    Set one of the squeeze gestures to capture screenshots. See Changing the actions assigned to squeeze gestures.

    Another option is to set the double-tap gesture to capture screenshots. See Edge Sense double-tap gesture.

After capturing, the HTC Screen Capture Tool appears at the bottom of the screen with options to share the screenshot, edit it, or continue to capture a scrolling screen.

You can also record screen actions as a video:

  • Swipe to the second panel of the Navigation Bar, and then tap .
  • Open the Quick Settings panel, and then tap .

Use the recorder controls of the HTC Screen Capture Tool to finish recording the video.

To learn more about the HTC Screen Capture Tool, go to

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