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Music playlists

Personalize your music experience by creating music playlists. Make a playlist containing just your favorite songs or create one to match your mood for the day. You can make as many playlists as you like.
  1. From the Home screen, tap , and then find and tap Music.
  2. Swipe to the Playlists tab.
  3. Tap , and then enter a playlist name.
  4. To add songs, tap beside the title text box, browse your music collection, and then tap a song to add.

    Repeat this step to add more songs.

  5. You can also:
    Rearrange songs Drag to move the song to its new position.
    Delete songs Select the songs you want to remove from the playlist.
    Change playlist name Type the new name of the playlist in the title text box.
  6. Tap Save.

You'll find newly created playlists on the Music app's Playlists tab.

To edit or delete a playlist you've created, from the Playlists tab, tap a playlist to open it, and then tap > Edit playlist or Delete.
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