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Accessing your settings

There are several ways you can find and access settings on your phone.
  1. Open Settings from the Home screen, Apps screen, or Notifications panel:
    • On the main Home screen, tap Settings.
    • From the Home screen, swipe up, and then find and tap Settings.
    • Swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen, and then tap Settings icon.
  2. Tap the search bar to enter an option or setting you want to find. You can also navigate through the following categories to find a setting:
    Option Description
    Network & internet
    • Change SIM card settings.
    • Turn airplane mode on or off.
    • Configure and manage your network connections.
    • Set up your phone as a Wi‍-Fi hotspot.
    • Share your phone's Internet connection via USB or Bluetooth.
    Connected devices Connect to external devices through Bluetooth, NFC, and more.
    Apps & notifications
    • Set how you want to be notified by your apps.
    • Set app permissions, default apps to use, app usage timer, and more.
    Battery Check battery usage information. Enable features such as Battery Saver to help save battery power.
    Display Adjust screen brightness, text and display size, and other settings for easier readability.
    Sound Adjust different types of sound volume, choose your ringtone and notification sound, set up Do not disturb mode, and more.
    • Check your available internal storage. Clean up the internal storage when you're almost out of storage space.
    • Manage your storage card.
    • Choose to show or hide notification content on the lock screen.
    • Manage how your location history and other information is used.
    • Manage location access and various Google location services.
    • Choose which apps can access your location.
    Security Set your screen unlock method, SIM card lock, and more.
    Accounts Add your email and other accounts.
    • Enable accessibility features such as TalkBack.
    • Adjust the display size, audio and onscreen text settings, and more.
    Digital Wellbeing & parental controls Keep track of your daily phone use, set a bedtime schedule with the Wind Down feature, set up content restrictions for your child, and more.

    For details, see this article in Android Help Center: Manage how you spend time on your Android phone with Digital Wellbeing.

    Google Set up various Google services and settings for your phone.
    • Configure system settings such as languages and input, date and time, and more.
    • Back up your phone to your Google Account.
    • Check for software updates and install them.
    • Factory reset your phone, or only reset certain settings.
    About phone Check information such as IMEI, Android version, and more.
Tip: At the top of the Settings screen, you'll also see suggested settings you can change.
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