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After installing the software update, what happens to my SD card that was set as internal storage?

SD cards that were set as internal storage before the software update will still work.

Although you can continue using your SD card as internal storage, setting it as portable storage is strongly recommended for a better experience. This also gives you more flexibility when you need to use your card in other devices. Make sure to migrate apps and content you've moved to the SD card back to the phone storage before setting your card as portable storage.

How do I move apps and content from my SD card to the phone storage?

If you previously moved apps and content to your SD card, follow the steps below to move them back to the phone storage.
  1. From the Home screen, tap Settings > Storage.
  2. To migrate your content such as photos, videos, and other files to the phone storage:
    1. Under Device storage, tap Internal shared storage.
    2. Tap > Migrate data.
    3. Tap Move content.
  3. For apps you've moved to the SD card, you need to manually move them back to the phone storage one at a time:
    1. Under Device storage, tap the name of your SD card.
    2. Tap Apps.
    3. Tap an app you want to move.
    4. Tap Change > Internal shared storage.
    5. Tap Move.
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