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What accessibility features are available on HTC U12+‍?

HTC U12+‍ comes with features and settings that allow easy access and use of apps and functions.

Improve screen readability

If you have low vision, take advantage of these features to help improve screen readability.

  • Increase the font and display size, use color inversion and color correction, or enable high-contrast text using the Accessibility settings.
  • Turn magnification gestures on. See Turning magnification gestures on or off.
  • Set the screen rotate mode based on how you want your phone to adjust the screen orientation. See Screen rotate mode.

Use text-to-speech features

If you have difficulty reading what's on the screen, these features will read out the text for you.

  • When you're using headphones, your phone will read out incoming call notifications, new text messages, and upcoming calendar events to you. See Want to hear voice notifications on your headset?.
  • Use TalkBack to hear audible feedback on what you do on your phone. See Navigating HTC U12+‍ with TalkBack.
  • Enable Select to Speak in the Accessibility settingsso your phone speaks selected items on the screen like texts or images.
  • Google Text-to-speech allows apps such as book readers to read out the text when you tap Read aloud in the app's menu.

Enhance the audio

If you're hard of hearing, these audio-related Accessibility settings make listening to HTC U12+‍ clearer and more comprehensible.

  • When using headphones, you can control the sound balance or enable mono audio when using a single headphone.
  • Turn on Unread notification reminder so your phone plays a sound or vibrates on set intervals when you have an unread notification.

Enable hearing aids and sidetone

If you wear a hearing aid or are hearing impaired, you can enable these options in Settings > Call:

  • Select Hearing aids to enable hearing aid compatibility that amplifies your phone's in-call volume
  • Select Sidetone to receive controlled feedback through the phone's earpiece, helping you modulate your voice so that it's neither too loud nor too soft.

Use your voice

You can use your voice to perform an action on HTC U12+‍.

Use gestures to operate your phone

  • Edge Sense lets you launch apps and do certain actions by just squeezing or double-tapping the lower sides of your phone. See What is Edge Sense?.
  • Motion Launch combines a motion and finger gesture to perform an action such as waking HTC U12+‍ from sleep mode or launching the camera. See Motion Launch.
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