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How do I save battery power?

Try these tips to help extend the battery life of your phone.
  • In Settings, you can check the battery consumption patterns of different apps and processes on your phone. See How do I check battery usage on my phone? for details.
  • Use the Boost+ app to monitor if there are irregular activities on your phone that have been handled or you need to stop. This app also optimizes system resources to save battery life while using your favorite apps. Learn more about Boost+ by going to
  • When using accessories with USB connections, make sure to unplug them from your phone when you're not using them. They may continue to use battery power while connected to your phone.
  • You can choose to turn on different battery-saving features on your phone, such as Power saver, Battery optimization, and Extreme power saver. Please refer to the user guide or how-tos for more information.
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