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Take fun selfies and create interesting photos to share with family and friends.

Front camera features

Enjoy using a variety of selfie-friendly features with the Camera app.

  • Instant selfie shots – Flash a smile, and the camera instantly captures your smiling face. Or, Just say "‍Cheese"‍! See Using Auto Selfie and Using Voice Selfie.
  • HDR – Improve the lighting in your selfies look with HDR. See Using HDR.
  • Make-up level – Make your complexion look smoother by adjusting the Make-up level before you take your selfie. See Skin touch-ups for people shots.

Photo Editor

The Photo Editor app enhances your photos, from basic edits to elegant effects!

Make a photo surreal. Blend in shapes, elements, and prismatic effects. See Prismatic.

Superimpose one image onto another and create a unique composition only you can imagine! See Double Exposure.

Face Fusion uses two photos such as your selfie and a photo of your favorite celebrity to merge your looks together. See Face Fusion.

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