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Double Exposure

With Double Exposure, combine and blend two photos and create something surreal.

  1. From Photo Editor, choose the photo you want to edit.

    See Choosing a photo to edit to find out how.

  2. Tap to open the slideout menu.
  3. In the slideout menu that opens, tap Effects > .
  4. Choose your second image. This will be your top layer .
  5. Drag the layer to move it.
  6. Drag your fingers apart or together on the layer to adjust its size.
  7. Tap to open the toolbar.
  8. Tap , choose a different blending option for the selected layer, and then tap .
  9. Tap > , tap a setting, and then drag the slider to adjust its values.
  10. If you want to adjust your background layer to blend with the top layer, tap to switch to the background layer.
  11. Tap a setting and drag the slider to adjust its values, and then tap .
  12. Tap to save changes.

    The edited photo is saved as a new photo. The original photo remains unedited.

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