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Made to help you capture your memories to share with family and friends.

RAW enhancement

With RAW image enhancement, you can take your photos to a whole new level. After snapping a shot in Pro mode, the camera saves a RAW file in DNG format. The RAW file provides more image information for post processing in Photo Editor or a graphics program on your computer. See Taking a RAW photo.


Compress a long video into a smooth, entertaining video. Hyperlapse lets you speed up the action up to 12 times, and select sections of the video to change its speed. See Recording a Hyperlapse video.

Anti-shake lens

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) reduces blur from hand movements while you shoot. You'll get sharper, brighter photos with more clarity, even in low light.

Front camera features

Enjoy selfie-friendly features in the Camera app.

Photo Editor

The Photo Editor app enhances your photos, from basic edits to elegant effects!

Make a photo surreal. Blend in shapes, elements, and prismatic effects. See Prismatic.

Superimpose one image onto another and create a unique composition only you can imagine! See Double Exposure.

Face Fusion uses two photos such as your selfie and a photo of your favorite celebrity to merge your looks together. See Face Fusion.

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