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Touch sounds and vibration

Some people like the sound or vibration feedback they get when touching the screen, and some don't. You can turn on or off various types of touch sounds and vibration on HTC Desire 512.
  • Touch tones when tapping the phone dial pad
  • Touch sounds when tapping onscreen items
  • Screen lock sounds
  • Pull-to-refresh sounds
  • Vibration when pressing hardware buttons
  • Touch sound and vibration when tapping the HTC Sense keyboard

Turning touch sounds and vibration on and off

  1. Go to Settings, and then tap Sound.
  2. Under System, select the option you want to turn on or off.

Turning off keyboard sounds and vibration

  1. Go to Settings, and then tap Language & keyboard.
  2. Tap HTC Sense Input.
  3. Tap Sound feedback and then select None to turn off keyboard sounds.
  4. Clear the Vibration feedback option to turn off keyboard vibration.
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