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Personalizing HTC Dot View

If you bought the HTC Dot View™ case designed for HTC Desire 512, use its app to personalize what's seen through the case. Choose your wallpaper, types of notifications to display, and more.
To use the app, tap > HTC Dot View.
Note: The HTC Dot View app is available in Google Play. Make sure to install the latest app update.


Choose a preset wallpaper, or create your own dotted wallpaper from a photo.
  1. In the HTC Dot View app, tap Theme.
  2. Choose a preset pattern as your wallpaper.

    To create your own wallpaper, tap , and then choose whether to use an existing photo from Gallery or take a new photo.

  3. If you selected or taken a photo, crop the photo, and then tap Done.
  4. Tap Apply.
For best results when creating your own wallpaper, use a simple image with distinct colors between the subject and background. For example, use an image that shows a high-contrast subject on a simple background.

Types of notifications to display

Alerts for clock alarms, timers, calendar events, and tasks will automatically display through the HTC Dot View case. You can choose whether to display or hide Mail, Messages, and phone call notifications.
  1. In the HTC Dot View app, tap Notification settings.
  2. Choose which notifications you want to show or hide.

Need more details?

For more details on using HTC Dot View, see the Get started guide that comes with the case.
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