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Setting up your new phone for the first time

When you switch on your new phone for the first time, you’ll be asked to set it up.
Tip: You can enable TalkBack to navigate by voice feedback before selecting the language. Press and hold two fingers on the screen until you hear a message saying that accessibility mode is enabled.
Walk through the on-device setup to choose your Internet connection, sign in to your accounts, and more.

There are different options you can choose to set up your new phone:

  • If you don't plan to restore a previous backup from your online storage, you can use the HTC Get Started service to first personalize your new phone and set up your accounts from your computer.

    On the Fast and easy setup screen, tap I want to use Get Started. Your phone will show you the URL of the HTC Get Started site and a pair code. On your computer's web browser, just go to the URL and enter the pair code to start your web setup. Save your setup to your HTC Account so you can download your personalized settings to your phone.

    If you already finished the HTC Get Started setup before turning on your new phone, just download your web setup.

  • If you have content from another phone that you want to transfer, whether it's from an Android™ or other phone, select Get content from old phone.
Note: Some features that need to connect to the Internet such as location-based services and auto-sync of your online accounts may incur extra data fees. To avoid incurring data fees, disable these features under Settings. For more information on location services, see Turning location services on or off.
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